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Printable Birthday Party Games
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Survivor Parties
Enjoy Survivor parties by using matching colors and styles throughout your celebration. Free printable activity (coloring page) to go with the Survivor party theme.  Click below to print!
Free Survivor Coloring Page
Free Activity Survivor Coloring Page

Survivor Party Theme
The Survivor party theme is fun when setting the venue environment completely with the theme.  Save money using our free printable Survivor invite. 

Survivor Gift & Toys
Give the guest of honor a Survivor gift and the guests Survivor toys as favors.

Survivor Party Supplies
The Survivor party supplies shall set the feel of the event from napkins to pinatas.

Survivor Party Decorations
Scene setters to centerpieces the Survivor party decorations should match the party theme.

Survivor Birthday Invitations
The Survivor birthday invitations let the kids know the theme, thus, some guests will give matching gifts. There are 3 up on the page and fits into a regular business size envelope.  Click the invite to instantly print your free invitations.

Looking for games for a fun Survivor party? Fun ideas include a treasure hunt with maps or paper clues. Instead of real spiders and worms, you can get gross looking candy insects that will add lots of laughs to your event. Survivor is the TV series that is credited with starting the revolution of reality TV throughout the world. And no game show produced so far comes close to the serious fan following that the original Survivor generated. The gripping plot and drama that it was known for had viewers glued to their TV screens week after week as contestants got voted out one after the other.

If you have a number of die-hard fans of Survivor in your friends circle then it might be a great idea to host a party around the theme. An obvious venue for the event would be the beach of course but then you could also make do with a pool side party. The feel of the party needs to be tropical and you have to let this reflect in the food and the drinks. Serve some tender coconut water and fruit kebabs with pineapples, mangoes and papayas.

To get the authentic Survivor feel at the venue of course you need to decorate it with the tiki torches and most importantly the immunity idol. The latter should be the center piece of all your décor.

At the Survivor party divide your guests into tribe. It could be boys versus girls for example. Then ask them to come up with their tribe names nad hand them their buffs or colored bandanas. Arrange some “immunity challenges” so that they can fight it out and declare a winning tribe at the end of the party who gets to keep the immunity idol as a souvenir.

Survivor Birthday Party
The Survivor birthday party is an all time classic event fun with traditional games.

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